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Linen Bedding with Lace

For centuries, linen bedding is considered as the best for ensuring a good sleep. It is highly benef..

61.00EUR Ex Tax: 61.00EUR

Little Mouse Magnet

Handmade wooden mouse with white thread tale. There is tiny magnet inside so it can stick to your fr..

4.00EUR Ex Tax: 4.00EUR

Loft Changing Table

With a little one in the house, life is busy and you need to be organised. You also need to look aft..

120.00EUR Ex Tax: 120.00EUR

Loft Cot

A favourite for many nurseries! This Loft cot has wide slats and wide frames giving it a solid “New ..

155.00EUR Ex Tax: 155.00EUR

Loft Dresser

This dresser is a stylish and practical dresser with 3 deep storage drawers. The changing top can be..

239.00EUR Ex Tax: 239.00EUR

Ludvigs Rocking Horse

Ludvigs' saddle allows you to feel like a knight. He is a noble and trained horse. He is disciplined..

69.00EUR Ex Tax: 69.00EUR

Lukas Changing Table

Luke changing table is practical and convenient changing table, high-quality and classic design. The..

123.00EUR Ex Tax: 123.00EUR

Lukas Cot

Lukas is strong and sturdy cot in a new modern design. Smooth rounded corners and round dowels all a..

165.00EUR Ex Tax: 165.00EUR

Lukas Dresser

The Lukas dresser is a beautiful storage dresser that is both practical and beautiful. Lukas is..

271.00EUR Ex Tax: 271.00EUR

Mika Box

H780mm x W473mm x D388mmAvailable in 2 colors...

94.00EUR Ex Tax: 94.00EUR

Mika Cot

This birch has a fresh finish and classic styling. It features fine tongue and groove paneling which..

144.00EUR Ex Tax: 144.00EUR

Mika Dresser

The Mika dresser with changing table is a good looking and practical changing dresser in white...

231.00EUR Ex Tax: 231.00EUR

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