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A Guide To Buying the Healthiest Mattress For Your Child

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Choosing the best, most appropriate mattress for your child is an important decision with lots of questions. Are firm mattresses always best for comfort and proper back development? At what  age can you switch to a softer mattress? Should you invest in a high-end mattress? What is the difference between a coco and a memory foam mattress? helps you compare and select  the  product that’s just right for your child.


First baby mattress

Most pediatricians recommend a firm mattress with a natural filler for a crib. Soft mattresses may seem more comfortable, but they may interfere with the normal spinal cord development of a newborn. The most popular material for baby’s first mattress  is coco, which is hypoalergenic and doesn’t contain chemical additives. Less known but also healthy options for mattress fillers are horsehair and seaweed (both are available at Today retailers offer a wide variety of mattress cover fabrics.  At we prefer natural non-colored materials, such as organic cotton, rather than bright synthetic ones.  We think it’s a better choice, and babies won’t really notice what the mattress color is.


Mattress for toddlers

Toddler mattresses may be slightly softer than a baby’s mattress. Both spring and latex mattresses are considered healthy, but for optimal back support you may want to choose one with an added coco or horsehair layer for extra firmness. Since kids at this age love to play and jump on a bed, you could choose a pocket spring design from among available spring mattresses.  A pocket spring is more age appropriate because independent springs are less prone to deformation due to jumping.  Latex mattresses may be filled with natural or artificial latex. Both are considered non-toxic and safe for toddlers, but some kids may develop an allergy to latex. Memory foam mattresses are usually not recommended for toddlers or older kids; although they provide good back support, they do contain more chemicals.

Mattress fillers

Foam / Memory Foam

Artificial filler also called polyurethane foam which looks similar to a sponge. Firmness of a foam mattress may vary from very firm to soft, with firmness levels anywhere in between. Sometimes foam is used as a top layer in a spring or latex mattress.



Latex is a highly-elastic and durable material. Natural latex is produced from the juice of

caoutchouc trees. Artificial latex is a polyurethane foam with enhanced characteristics. Both natural and artificial latex are used in mattresses as a main component and as a popular alternative to springs.


Coco fiber

Coco fiber is a firm organic material, resistant to deformation. Coco is used mainly as a primary  filler for baby or toddler mattresses and also as a top layer in adult mattresses.


Horsehair fiber

Horsehair fiber is a unique organic filler, produced from long coarse hair growing on the manes and tails of horses. Finer horsehair mattresses are extremely durable due to the material’s  elasticity and deformation resistance.



Batting is a material produced from wool, cotton, viscose or mixed fiber. It is very soft and is sometimes used only as an additional thin top layer.

Spring types

Bonnell spring

This classic spring mattress is made from hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. Bonnell spring is elastic but provides less effective back support compared to a pocket spring mattress. For better comfort and support a bonnell mattress may be combined with a coco layer.


Pocket spring

Pocket spring mattresses contain individual springs cushioned in their own pockets of material which helps them provide more even support.

Mattress fabric

Most high-end mattresses are covered with a thick jacquard, while cheaper ones might be covered with synthetic materials. Organic alternatives, such as a reversible wool/cotton mattress, are now becoming more popular. .  The wool side will keep your child warm during cold winter months and the cotton side will provide a cooling effect during the summer.


Choosing the right mattress for your child is a big decision. At we have a variety of  quality, natural, healthy mattresses to select from.


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