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How to celebrate first New Year’s Eve with a baby

Posted by admin 16/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

The holiday season means parties, festivities and making merry.  But can you celebrate in style now that a newborn is part of the family? You might have to take it easy this year and skip the grand countdown, but the good news is  you can still make New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day) fun and memorable. shows you how to plan, prepare and make it a success!  


New Year’s Eve With Grandparents

Spending the night with your or your spouse’s parents may sound boring, but just think: you’ll have a second pair of reliable hands to take care of your baby all night. That’s  a huge relief for a tired mom.  And with the grandparents babysitting (even if it’s just for a little while)   you’ll have some precious free time for yourself and your husband--to take a quiet walk or simply enjoy the night together, without being interrupted by a sudden cry.


New Year’s At A  Friend’s House

If you’re going to visit a friend’s party with baby in tow, you might need to invest more time in preparation. First,  make sure there’s a quiet spot to put your little one to sleep when she gets tired--a spot close enough to the party room, so you can hear if the baby wakes up. Check with your friends in advance if they’re OK  with guests keeping their voices down  so they don’t disturb the baby. People without children may not be happy to hear this, but this reaction is absolutely normal because your lifestyles are very different now. If you’re going to visit a friend’s party it’s best to choose a celebration hosted  by other parents or parents-to-be. Your needs will be better understood. . . and the hosts might even offer a spare onesie, diaper, or anything else you may need or forgot to bring!


New Year’s  At Your Home

Throwing a party at your place? You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything or knowing baby has a place to sleep.   And in your home’s familiar surroundings, your baby may feel calmer and won’t be so overwhelmed. But organizing a party means extra duties and responsibilities which may be hard to cope with for a busy mom. Don’t hesitate to delegate a lot of the work--or nearly everything! Get your friends involved in the preparations or hire professionals for the occasion.


New Year’s Without A Party?

It’s absolutely OK to spend New Year’s Eve with just your husband and your child if you don’t have the energy for a bigger celebration. Stock up on some holiday movies to get you in the right mood and greet your first New Year’s Eve as parents in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. If things get a little slow t, you can make a video call to your friends or relatives via Skype or What’s App -- it’ll feel like everyone’s at the party together. And it’s a fun way  to “visit” several parties throughout  the night.


Make Plans for January 1st

Remember,  you don’t have to celebrate the New Year just on New Year’s Eve. Plan a next-day brunch with good friends on January 1st, or go for a relaxing holiday stroll together with your family. When you know there’s something fun coming up next morning, you won’t feel so badly if  you fall asleep along with the baby before midnight.


Whichever New Year’s option you prefer, try to get enough sleep beforehand: being over-tired will probably make it a struggle to stay up ‘til midnight. Party, or no party?  Don’t get too stressed about it. So things may not go as perfectly as you wished this year -- you might be changing the nappy when the countdown to 2017 begins, but who cares? After all, this is the first holiday season with your baby -- what better way to celebrate could there be?  Savour the uniqueness and specialness  of the moment. . . and make it the happiest New Year ever.   

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